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Durable 10-Inch Football Dog Toy

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What is Durable 10-Inch Football Dog Toy?

Is your dog ready for some football? At 10 inches long and weighing 1.75 lbs, this bright green rubber football is perfect for medium and large dogs to chew on. It's shaped like a football, but rather than having rubber all around, there are four sections with open space between them, which helps your dog pick it up and carry it. It was designed as a heavy-duty toy for aggressive chewers and the unique open design makes it easy for dogs to wrap their mouths around. The rubber on the football is textured with nubs in the openings making chewing that much more fun.


Medium and Large Dogs

  • Perfect chew toy for medium or large dogs
  • Heavyweight durable construction provides entertainment for even the most aggressive chewer
  • Easy to use for both you and your dog
  • Great way to help your dog get exercise
  • Rubber nubs can help stimulate your dog's gums
How it Works:

It works for both medium or large dogs due to its heavy-weight construction and large size. When your dog uses it as a chew toy, the rubber nubs located on the inside of the open spaces can stimulate your dog's gums, which can help maintain good oral health. Also, you can play fetch with your pooch and watch his or her delight as the football is carried around like a prized trophy. Because of its heavy-duty construction, it is designed to stand up to even the most enthusiast playing or chewing.


Intended for medium to large dogs. Keep out of the reach of children. If the toy gets damaged, throw it away immediately. Do not let your pet play with a toy that is broken or damaged. Remember, this is a very heavy-weight toy, do not throw it in the house or near windows.

How to Use
  • Give to your medium or large dog as a heavy-duty chew toy for many hours of enjoyment
  • Toss to your dog for a great game of fetch.

Always supervise your pet when playing with a toy. If the Durable 10-Inch Football Dog Toy shows significant signs of deterioration, discard immediately.

Recommended for:
Medium or Large Dogs
Do not use!
Do not use!
Size and Color
Durable 10-Inch Football Dog Toys:

Product Materials: Rubber.

Customer Reviews
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