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Breeze Litter Box System Refill Pellets

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Tidy Cats Breeze Refill Pellets (3.75 Lbs-3 Bags) #61002
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What are the Breeze Pellets?

The Breeze Pellets are part of a unique two-step cat litter system that will make you want to throw away your current cat litter box for good. Why? Unlike other cat litter boxes, the Breeze cat litter system allows your cat's urine to pass through the Breeze Pellets and onto the super absorbent Breeze Cat Pad. Solid waste stays on top for quick and easy cleaning. This product page is for the Breeze Pellets only. This item includes (3) 3.75 lb pellet bags. Click to view the entire Breeze Litter System.



  • Change cat litter only once a month. Breeze Pellets only need to be replaced one time a month. You'll spend less time cleaning and more time doing what you really need!
  • Eliminate strong odors in your home.The two part cat litter system separates urine from solid waste, and helps to eliminate the odors from mixing together.
  • No more dusty paw prints or dust clouds. Breeze Pellets are 99.9% dust free. Clay particles won't cling to your cat's fur or paws, and it also reduces eye and nose irritations.
How it works:

The unique Breeze Pellets are larger than traditional clay pieces. These Pellets allow urine to pass through to the thick and absorbent pad below, keeping solid waste at the top for easy removal. Best of all, these Breeze Pellets only need to be changed once a month. The super absorbent Cat Pads can last for up to one week, but should be changed every 3 days if you have more than one cat. Flushing the Breeze Pellets is not recommended.


This litter box may be difficult for cats with joint or mobility problems to enter. If needed, the Breeze Litter System is adaptable to use without the walls.

How to Use

Breeze Pellets are to be used with the Breeze Litter System.

Directions (Transitioning Your Cat to Use Breeze):

  • Before setting up your new Breeze Litter System, sprinkle 1-2 cups of the Breeze Litter Pellets on top of your existing litter in your old box. This will help ease the transition for your cat. If you feel your cat needs it, you can add up to a full bag of pellets to your existing litter to help her adjust.
  • Once your cat is regularly using the old box with the mix of Breeze Pellets, place the Breeze Litter System next to the old litter box. Place a Breeze Cat Pad in the drawer of the Breeze Litter System, soft side up, and slide the drawer into the base. Fill the top portion of the Breeze Litter System with one package of Pellets.
  • Stop cleaning the old litter box. Because cats like to stay clean, this step will encourage them to use the new system by making it the only pleasant litter option. Although this may cause short term odor, the end result is to transition your cat to the Breeze Litter System. Once your cat is using the Breeze System regularly, you can remove the old litter box.

Dos and Don'ts When Using the Breeze Litter System:

  • Do practice patience. The Breeze Litter System is very different from traditional litters, and some cats may take longer than others to make the switch. If you have multiple cats in your household, you will need to allow all cats to fully transition.
  • Don't force your cat into the Breeze Litter Box. Forcing your cat to use the Breeze Litter Box may frighten your cat and may avoid using the litter box altogether.
  • Do set your Breeze Litter System directly next to your cat's current litter box.
  • Do not hover over the Breeze Litter System. Allow your cat to explore the litter box on its own.
  • Flushing the pellets is not recommended.

Setting up the Breeze Litter System:

  • Snap the hood on the grated base.
  • Place a Breeze Cat Pad in the drawer of the Breeze Litter System and slide the drawer into the base. Make sure the Breeze Cat Pad is inserted soft-side up.
  • Fill the top portion with one package of Breeze Litter Pellets.

If your cat's old litter box is not high-sided or hooded, it may help to remove the Breeze sidewall pieces to help your cat adjust.

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Breeze Litter Pellets:

Package Includes: (3) 3.75 Bags of Breeze Litter Pellets.

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