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Water Walker Leash  - Black Water Walker Leash  - Black Water Walker Leash - White Water Walker Leash - Pink/Black Water Walker Leash - Pink/White
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Refined Canine Water Walker Dog Leash

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What is the Refined Canine Water Walker Dog Leash?
It's difficult to carry all the necessary items needed to take your pet for a long walk. Between waste bags, water and holding on to a leash, your relaxing walk can easily turn into a chore. The solution for this problem is the Refined Canine Water Walker Dog Leash. This all-in-one system keeps water and waste bags connected right to the leash handle. Since stagnant water on hiking trails or roadways can make your pet sick, the included water bottle and water bowl on the Refined Canine Water Walker Dog Leash gives your pet access to fresh, clean water all the time. Plus, with the handy dispenser on the back of the leash that holds 15 bags, you will never be without a waste bag again. The Refined Canine Water Walker Dog Leash has a wrist strap and a 10 ft reflective retractable leash with a revolutionary safe-distance color indicator that tells you the safest distance to walk your pet. This feature is especially great for children just learning how to walk a dog. Available in 5 colors, the Refined Canine Water Walker Dog Leash is a must for all dog parents!

• Reflective and retractable 10 ft leash

• BPA-free water bottle

• BPA-free water bowl

• Color coded leash green, yellow and red to tell you the safest distance to walk your pet

• Waste bag dispenser (holds 15 bags)

• Comfortable wrist strap

• Comes in 5 different colors

How it Works:
The Refined Canine Water Walker Dog Leash is an all-in-one leash, water bottle, water bowl, and waste bag dispenser. With the convenience of the Refined Canine Water Walker Dog Leash, your walks with your pet can go from stressful to stress-free! Just fill up the included BPA-free water bottle located on the bottom of the leash, place it inside the water bowl and attach the wrist strap to your wrist. If your pet has to do his or her business, it's easy to clean up using the waste bag dispenser (that comes with 15 bags) attached to the back of the leash. The Refined Canine Water Walker Dog Leash has a length of 10 ft and has a reflective stop and color-coded design of red, green and yellow, which tell you if your pet is at a safe distance while walking.
Always use the handle and brake button to control your dog; grabbing the cord can cause cuts, scrapes and burns.

To fill water bottle:

• Detach the water bowl from the bottom of the leash handle.

• Remove the water bottle inside.

• Fill the water bottle, place it back inside the bowl, and reattach to the bottom of the leash. (Water bottle holds 6 oz of water).

To use:

• Place the wrist strap around your wrist and attach the leash clip to your dog's collar.

• Once you are walking, notice the colors of green, yellow and red on the leash. These colors indicate a safe walking distance between you and your pet.

• Green color = 5 ft Safest Distance

• Yellow color = 7.5 ft Caution

• Red color = 9.5 ft Hazard

• You can lock the retraction at the green color (safest distance) to always keep your pet safe while walking in crowded or busy areas.

• Use the waste bags attached to the back of the leash on your walk. The leash holds 15 bags at a time.

You can also use the water bowl to hold snacks.

10 ft retractable, reflective leash with safety indicator colors
15 waste bags & dispenser
Wrist strap
1 BPA-free water bottle
1 BPA-free water bowl
Available in black, white, green, pink/black and pink/white

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Do you need to get a special collar to go with any of the canine water leash?
6 months ago
Answer this question


Thank you for your question. No, you do not need a special collar.
6 months ago
Maureen PetMeds Pro
Pompano Beach, FL
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