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Premise Treatment - natural home flea treatment

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Premise Treatment - natural home flea treatment Powder 20oz #11225
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What is Premise Treatment - natural home flea treatment?

Premise Treatment™ by Richard's Organics™ is an all-natural, safe, and environmentally friendly flea treatment for your home. You can safely apply Premise Treatment™ to carpets, cushions, furniture and any place your pet frequents - like his or her bed. Unlike many other whole house flea treatments, Premise Treatment™ is all-natural and contains no harmful chemicals, so you can feel comfortable applying it where you, your family, and your pets spend the most time. And there's an added bonus - it's made from environmentally-friendly boric acid, so you can feel good knowing your flea treatment is green!

Please Note: We cannot ship this product to California.


Your Home.

  • Kills flea larvae in your home, including carpets, cushions, upholstery, and your pet's favorite places, preventing maturation and reproduction
  • Natural home flea treatment, safe to use around pets and humans
  • Made with an all natural ingredient, contains no harmful chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly, fragrance- and color-free
  • Prevents future adult fleas from emerging
  • Part of a complete flea regimen
  • Saltlike mineral sprinkles easily onto infested areas
How it Works:

Premise Treatment™ contains Orthoboric acid, a salt-like granule, which removes moisture from a flea's body causing dehydration, killing the larvae, and therefore breaking the life cycle. Orthoboric acid is odorless and does not repel flea larvae, so multiplying larvae will continue to stay in treated areas until they die, which ultimately prevents adult fleas from emerging in your home. This product is not intended to kill adult fleas; only the larval stages, therefore allow 10-14 days for it to work.


Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not apply to people or pets. Children and pets should be kept out of any room while it is being treated. Be careful not to use around ornamental plants.

Brand Name:

Richard's Organics Premise Treatment

Active Ingredients:
100% Orthoboric Acid

What is this product used for:

Premise Treatment™ is a natural home flea treatment that contains Orthoboric acid, which is sprinkled onto dry surfaces in your home to eradicate flea larvae. This product is not intended to kill the adult flea population, or to be used on yourself or your pet. It is used to kill the larval stage of flea infestations in your home, preventing adult fleas from emerging.

Premise Treatment™, a natural home flea treatment is part of a complete flea treatment regimen to help eradicate flea infestations. You must treat all areas in and around your home to ensure your surroundings are flea-free. Not only must you treat your home for fleas but you need to treat your pet as well, using other natural flea treatment products, such as Be Flea Free Shampoo and Be Flea Free Spray (both for dogs only). Flea prevention is the key to ensuring healthy pets and healthy surroundings. To keep fleas at bay, use a monthly topical flea treatment like Frontline Plus. In addition, eradicate fleas in your yard by keeping your lawn short and picking up grass clippings where fleas like to live and by using insecticides like the Virbac Yard Spray.


Premise Treatment™ is a non-prescription (OTC) product.

How should this product be used:

This product should be applied to dry surfaces only. For carpet use, sprinkle directly onto carpets at a rate of 1lb. per 400 square feet, then brush into carpet fibers using a hard bristled brush. Any visible material must be either brushed into carpeting or removed. Also, sprinkle onto couch cushions, under beds and other furniture, especially where your pet frequents. Leave on carpets and other surroundings for 2-3 weeks then vacuum as normal. Do not steam clean carpets for 2-3 weeks.

What are the side effects:

This product can be harmful to humans and domestic animals if swallowed or inhaled. Contact a physician, veterinarian or poison control center immediately. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting; have person sip a glass of water or try to get your pet to drink water, if able to swallow. If inhaled, move person or pet to fresh air; if person is not breathing, call 911 immediately and try to give mouth to mouth; if pet is not breathing, try to give mouth to mouth, and take to veterinary emergency room immediately.

What special precautions are there:

If on skin or clothing, take off contaminated clothing and rinse skin with water. If on your pet’s skin, also rinse skin with water. If in the eye, hold eye open and rinse with water for 15-20 seconds. Remove contact lenses, if present, and continue rinsing for 5 minutes.

In the event of an overdose:

Contact a physician or poison control center immediately.

How should I store this product:

Store in a cool, dry place.

How to Use
  • Preparation: Before treating any rooms, remove your pets and children from infected areas. Vacuum all areas thoroughly and wash bedding, toys, clothes and any other items your pet may have come in contact with. Twist the top dial until you see the little arrow that says "push". With either your thumb or a blunt object, poke through the protective covering on the Premise Treatment™ canister and twist the dial to desired flow amount.
  • To Use: Make sure surfaces are dry before applying. In carpeted areas, sprinkle approximately one 20 oz canister of Premise Treatment™ for every 500 square feet of carpeting. Work product into the carpet using a hard bristled brush, taking care to brush all visible material into the carpet fibers and floors. If the entire product doesn't disappear into the carpet, remove excess. In addition, sprinkle under couch cushions, beds, other furniture, and especially areas where your pet frequently walks or sleeps. Once you have applied the product correctly, you may allow pets and children back into the room. In addition, you should not vacuum for at least 2 weeks to give Premise Treatment time to work properly. Premise Treatment™ will lose effectiveness if it is allowed to absorb moisture such as that from a steam cleaner; if this is the case, reapply. Within 10 to 14 days after successful application, your infestation will end.

Remember, prevention is key when it comes to fleas. To ensure a flea-free home, we recommend using Flea4X Plus as a monthly topical treatment for your pet. This product is for the home only and not to be placed on your pet.

Area: 500 Square Feet
Premise Treatment™ comes in a 20 oz canister. Sprinkle directly onto carpets and other surroundings, one canister covers up to 500 square feet. Do not use directly on pet.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.

Premise Treatment™
Active Ingredients
Orthoboric Acid
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