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One-Touch Pet Gate 150

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Product Info
What is One-Touch Pet Gate 150?

Similar to the the One-Touch Pet Gate, the One-Touch Pet Gate 150 is a tension-mounted pet gate. It can be expanded to fit wide doorways or hallways (has 3 width settings of 36", 48", or 60" wide). This pet gate features a door that swings open and closed (in both directions) allowing you to walk through the gate while still keeping your pet confined to his or her space.


Small to medium dogs (8 to 44 lbs.)

  • Has 3 changable widths (36", 48", or 60" wide)
  • Tension mounting helps to keep gate in place
  • Door swings in both directions allowing you to freely walk in and out
  • Rubber stoppers protect wall surfaces
  • Gate handle uses onehand open and close functionality
  • Made from ecofriendly Rubberwood
How it Works:

The pressure mounts keep your gate securely in place. The latching gate handle and door (23" wide) allow for you to freely move from room to room.


For pets only. Do not place gate at the top of a staircase or near a glass door.

How to Use
Before attempting to assemble your pet gate, please read instructions entirely and thoroughly.

Download One-Touch Pet Gate 150 Instructions

Watch Instructional Video on How to Install Your One-Touch Pet Gate

Preassembly - Type A (For Doorway Openings 35"-37" Wide):
  • Insert frame caps in all four corners of the main frame. If the frame cap is hard to insert, tap with a wood block or rubber mallet.
  • Insert the adjusters into the openings of the frame caps.
Preassembly - Type B (For Doorway Openings 47"-49" Wide):
  • Attach metal connectors to the side frame with bolts and nuts. At first, leave the bolts loose. Insert the middle bolt last. After all three are attached, tighten all the bolts.
  • Insert the adjusters into the openings of the frame caps.
  • Follow the first two instructions as above for Type A openings.
Preassembly - Type C (For Doorway Openings 59"-61" Wide):
  • Follow the steps for Type B doorways, repeating the first step for the side extensions.
Installing the One-Touch Pet Gate 150:
  • Determine the direction for the opening door and set the product against the wall.
  • Tighten the upper adjuster knob until the rubber of the adjuster touches the wall surface.
  • Tighten the upper adjuster knob until the clearance between the gate door and the main frame is set to 1/8" to create equal spacing.
  • Tighten the lower adjuster knob to make the product vertical, and stretch the product fully.
  • If correctly installed, the product should not feel loose or wobbly when tugged.

Gate can be cleaned using a mild detergent.

Determining Pet Gate Width
  • Please refer to the instructions included in your Freestanding Pet Gate package to determine which holes (B or C) you should use for your doorway opening.
  • Do not place the product at the top of a staircase or near a glass door.
  • Place the product against a wall with a width of 2.4" or more and on a flat sturdy surface.
  • Keep this product away from fire or extreme high temperatures.
Size and Color
One-Touch Pet Gate 150
Recommended for:
35"-37" / 47"-49" / 59"-61" W x 2" D x 34.6" H
Pets: Small to medium dogs (8 to 44 lbs.),Doorways and hallways: 36", 48", or 60" wide
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