How to Dispose of Needles & Syringes

While it's important to know how to efficiently administer your pet's diabetes medication through a needle or syringe, it's also important to know how to dispose of the needle or syringe. Below you will find information on what to do with your pet's used needles and syringes.

Use a sharps container

A medical container, known as a sharps container, is a container where you place your pet's used needles and syringes.

A few things to know about sharps containers:

  • Don't put them in with recyclables.
  • Don't throw them out like they are regular garbage. (If your community doesn't currently have a disposal site, place them in a rigid, puncture resistant plastic container with a secure cap before placing in the garbage.)
Where to buy sharps containers

Most medical supply stores and pharmacies carry sharps containers and you can also find them online. Another way to purchase sharps containers is through a mail back service. A mail back service allows you to purchase sterile sharps containers and when the container is full, simply mail it back to them. This process can be extremely useful for those who live in communities without a disposal site. To learn more about mail back services, call one of the providers below that carry a variety of container sizes and prepaid mailing cartons.

Mediwaste: 1-800-200-3581
Stericycle: 1-800-355-8773

Keep your pet safe

Since injected meds can sometimes affect your pet's skin, it's important to follow these simple guidelines when injecting your pet:

  • Do use a new needle each time you administer medicine to your pet.
  • Do clean the injection site on your pet with warm soap and water.
  • Don't inject your pet in the same spot over and over again.

Some of our syringes come inside a sharps container such as U-40 Syringes for ProZinc Insulin. It's easy to use, just take the syringes out of the bottom, dispose of them through the top and then follow the directions above for proper disposal of a sharps container.

How our U-40 syringes with sharps container works.

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe

Protect yourself, your loved ones and your community by properly disposing of needles and syringes. Here are a few guidelines to follow so you can ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones:

  • Put used syringes in a sharps container immediately.
  • Keep needles away from children and pets.
  • Bring sharps containers when traveling.
  • Don't flush sharps down the toliet.
  • Don't clip, bend, or recap needles.
Max's Tip

Do not sterilize or reuse syringes.