Phycox - Glyco-Flex II
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Glyco-Flex II
Product Type Chewable Tablet Soft Chew
How it works Maintains healthy joints & connective tissue Reduces inflammation and discomfort
Additional Benefits
Chondroitin N/A N/A
Omega Fatty Acids
Manganese 10 mg - for dogs N/A
For Medium and Small Dogs 500 mg - for dogs 400 mg
Creatine N/A 250 mg
Perna 600 mg N/A
What Makes it Different? Specially formulated for dogs & cats with a moderate need for joint support. Only patented natural anti-inflammatory proven to block Cox II enzymes that cause pain. Comes in a hypo-allergenic formulation for sensitive pets,
How Long Does it Take to Work? 1-3 weeks 1-3 weeks
Usage Glyco-Flex II Usage Phycox Usage
Taste Natural Imitation Roast Chicken Flavor Liver Flavor
Ok to Use with RX Pain Medications? X mark X mark
Recommended For Dogs & Cats Dogs
Here's What Customers are Saying Pros "My 14yr old pup is back and running once more thanks to GLYCO FLEX II " "...a two week sample of Phycox and I couldn't believe it. She gets up easier, has more energy and seems a couple of years younger"
Here's What Customers are Saying Cons "Too big, too fragrant" N/A
Vet Review Glycoflex II is middle stage product is an excellent choice for those pets with  moderate joint problems or arthritis. What separates this product out from Glyco-Flex classic and Glycol-Flex I is the amount of glucosamine, perna canaliculus  and MSM in the product, as the Glyco-Flex II does contain higher amounts of these nutrients.  While these level of nutrients are not needed in dogs with mild arthritis, dogs with more severe joint problems do benefit from these and other added nutrients in the Glyco-Flex II product.  It is made with the same trustworthiness and reliability as the other Glyco-Flex lines. This is often the product I will reach for that if in doubt about which Glyco-Flex formulation to use, you can¿t go wrong with this one, as it will not overdose or under dose any pets. As with the other products, the only cautions would be to check with your vet if a pet has a history of diabetes or urinary tract stones. I do love this product and give it an overall rating of 5 out of 5. With the development of these easy to administer chewable tablets, feline guardians do in fact find it alot easier to administer these wonderful joint supplements to often finicky felines.   I just love the wonderful combination of synergistic ingredients in this product.  Not only does it have the original Perna Canaliculus(green lipped mussel) of the Glycoflex classic formula, but also additional MSM, glucosamine, DMG and manganese  to promote joint health and reduce inflammation.   Given the lack of effective joint products available for arthritic or stiff felines, this will often be the first product I will reach for when treating lame or stiff cat.   I will even start cats preventatively on this supplement past middle age to help slow down the progression of degenerative joint disease as they age.   IT is very safe to use long term and a definite favorite of many veterinarians from the trustworthy Vetriscience company.  I give this product an overall ranking of a 5 out of 5. I have only recently been using this excellent joint supplement, which has a tremendous combination of nutrients that help reduce inflammation and discomfort in inflamed joints when doing normal activity. You have to love the extract of blue green algae joint is one of the key components in providing joint support and stress relief, as well as helping fight free radicals that are involved in so many degenerative and cancer conditions in our pets.  This product works so well because of the unique blend of glucosamine, MSM, boron, creatine, and omega 3 fatty acids, in addition to the blue green algae. I will often recommend this product even as a preventative in all senior pets, as it can improve health in so many ways besides joint function. The hypoallergenic formula is wonderful for most pets, but a formulation known as Phycox A is possible for those dogs with allergies. This is one of my favorite new products and I give it an overall ranking of 5 out of 5.
How Much Do I Give My Pet? Depends on weight. Depends on weight.
RX Prescription Required? X mark X mark
Known Side Effects None None
Rare Side Effects None None
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