Revolution - Sentinel Spectrum - Tri-Heart Plus - Generic to Heartgard Plus
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Sentinel Spectrum
Tri-Heart Plus - Generic to Heartgard Plus
Prevents Heartworm Disease checkmark checkmark checkmark
Roundworms X mark X mark X mark
Hookworms X mark checkmark checkmark
Whipworms X mark checkmark X mark
Tapeworms X mark checkmark X mark
Fleas Yes, Adult and Flea Eggs Flea Eggs and Larvae X mark
Other Parasites Ear mites, Roundworms, and Hookworms in cats; Ear mites,Sarcoptic Mange and American dog ticks in dogs X mark X mark
Safe for Breeding, Pregnant or Nursing Pets checkmark The safety of Sentinel Spectrum has not been evaluated in dogs used for breeding or in lactating females. Has shown a wide margin of safety at the recommended dose level in dogs, including pregnant or breeding bitches, stud dogs and puppies aged 6 or more weeks
Age/Weight Requirements 6 weeks of age or older in puppies, 8 weeks of age or older in kittens, and no weight requirement 6 weeks 6 weeks of age or older and no weight requirement
Rx Prescription Required checkmark checkmark checkmark
Usage Revolution Usage Sentinel Spectrum Usage Tri-Heart Plus - Generic to Heartgard Plus Usage
Video Video coming soon Video coming soon /images/products/video/petmeds-heartworm-medication-iverhart-plus.flv
Veterinarian Review (Michael Dym, VMD) This versatile topical product has the widest range of protection of both internal and external parasites. In both cats and dogs, all 3 stages of the flea life cycle are effectively controlled,in addition to ear mites. For dogs, there is also the wonderful treatment benefit of killing hidden scabies mites on the skin, which are so difficult for veterinarians to find on routine skin scrapings at our offices. In fact, when either I or veterinary dermatologists are presented with a very itchy dog, in addition to our allergy workups, we will often treat with this topical every few weeks to treat and rule out any hidden scabies mites contributing to the pet's itching. . It is amazing how many dogs will respond to this treatment, leading me to believe that scabies mites are involved with alot more itching problems in dogs than I first learned about in vet school.. With the increased recognition and understanding of feline heartworm disease, this is often the first heartworm preventative that I will reach for in cats, especially given all of the other beneifts above. While it is often effective for canine heartworm prevention as well, I have heard of rare lapses in protection, so I usually combine this topical in dogs with one of the oral heartworm prevention medications like heartguard or interceptor. The only disadvantage I have seen is the rare reaction on cats of mild digestive upset and temporary hair loss at the site of application. It also has the wonderful benefits of being water proof in only 2 hours after application, and in being approved for use in puppies as young as 6 weeks of age. Coming soon Given the rapidly expanding world of generics in the human pharmaceutical industry, it is indeed a pleasure for me as a practitioner of 16 years or experience to also see the same cost saving but equally as effective alternatives in the veterinary field as well. Heartworm disease is on the increase again in the United States. And given the importance and sometimes difficulty of client compliance in keeping up with costly monthly heartworm preventative medicines, it is great that Merck Animal Health has offered a generic version like Tri-Heart Plus to help meet this continued threat. Hopefully the savings on this preventative will encourage even more clients to have their pets on year round internal parasite control against the year round threat of heartworms, roundworms and hookworms. Tri-Heart Plus is quite safe in as pups as young as 6 weeks of age, as well as pregnant and nursing dogs. While I would rather have seen a beef flavored chewable over the pork flavor, dogs seem to love this pill just the same. The only disadvantage I have seen is very rare digestive upset in some patients which could be from the ivermectin or pyrantel main ingredients, or possibly from the pork flavoring.
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