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What Causes Seizures in Dogs & Cats?
Seizures in dogs and cats are abnormal brain activity. Pets with epilepsy can have either a grand mal seizure with convulsions, or a petit mal seizure with no convulsions. Seizures are triggered by events in your pet's brain.
Seizure (Epilepsy) Symptoms in Dogs and Cats
Signs of seizures in dogs and cats can be missed because many seizures occur while pets are resting or sleeping. Symptoms include convulsions, urinating, drooling, and disorientation. Epilepsy in pets is diagnosed via various tests such as neurologic, blood, urine, and brain tests.
How to Treat Seizures in Dogs & Cats
In addition to giving seizure medication, treatment for dogs and cats with seizures should include strengthening the brain and liver with supplements, providing a stable environment, and alternative therapies. Never try to put medication in your pet's mouth during a seizure.
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