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Novartis Alternatives

Novartis Halts Production on Popular Pet Medications

Pet Medications Affected Include Deramaxx, Interceptor, Sentinel, Clomicalm, and more

The manufacturer, Novartis, has indefinitely halted production on several products. This is industry-wide, and affects all Pharmacies & Veterinarians. There is no expected date for production to resume.

Read the Novartis letter below. You can research alternatives for specific Novartis Products using these links: Deramaxx, Interceptor Flavor Tabs, Sentinel Flavor Tabs, Clomicalm, Program Tablets and Suspension.

To download or print this letter, click here.


Rick Lloyd
General Manager
NAH North America

Jim Blacka, DVM
Vice President Sales

Novartis Animal Health US, Inc.
3200 Northline Avenue, Suite 300
Greensboro, NC 27408

Tel 336.387.1000


January 5, 2012

Dear Valued Customer,

We are writing to inform you that Novartis Consumer Health, Inc. (NCH) has temporarily suspended production and product shipments at one of its manufacturing facilities, an action that will affect the availability of some Novartis Animal Health (NAH) products for the immediate future.

The manufacturing plant produces both over-the-counter (OTC) and Animal Health products. NAH brands affected include Interceptor® Flavor Tabs®, Sentinel® Flavor Tabs®, Clomicalm®, Program® Tablets and Suspension, and Milbemite®. Production of Deramaxx, which was recently moved to the site, is also affected, although supplies on hand will continue to be shipped. The suspension of production at the plant will allow Novartis to expedite the maintenance and improvements and continue to strengthen the site.

The voluntary decision to temporarily suspend production was driven by the company's ongoing commitment to the highest quality of standards and is being coordinated with the involvement of the health authorities. It is important to note that NAH products you may have in stock from the facility remain safe and effective when used as directed on the package label.

We truly regret the implications that any temporary supply disruptions will cause for you and your customers. While it is not yet possible to say exactly when product shipments will resume, we are committed to doing all we can to address the issues at hand and keeping you informed of any changes in the supply status.

Your Novartis sales representative has been briefed on the situation. We hope you will continue to utilize your Novartis representative as a routine source of information, yet as noted, we will communicate updates to you through other channels as appropriate.

Thank you for your understanding and support at the present time. Novartis Animal Health truly values our business relationship with you and we will do all we can to continue to add value to your veterinary practice in the future.


Rick Lloyd

Rick Lloyd
General Manager, Novartis Animal Health North America

Jim Blacka

Jim Blacka, DVM
Vice President, Sales

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