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Tips for Giving Your Pet Medication

Are you frustrated because your pet refuses to take his or her medication? Giving your pet medication may not always be an easy task, but don't get frustrated. Here are some options you have:

Hide your pet's pill in a treat

You can choose to hide the pill in a Greenies Pill Pocket, or wrapped inside deli meat or cheese.

Crush and mix the medication into your pet's food

Some tablets can be crushed and mixed into your pet's food. Ask your veterinarian first before doing so, because some pills contain a medicated coating.

Try a pill syringe

If your pet is finicky, you might want to try a pill syringe. This tools places the medication in the back of the mouth, preventing your pet from spitting the pill out.

Max's Tip
Max & Molly
Check with your pharmacist or veterinarian before crushing any pill, especially those that are long-acting or have a special coating.
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