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Understanding Demodectic Mange (Red Mange)

Unlike sarcoptic mange, demodectic mange (red mange) is generally not contagious. Demodex mites are found on every dog, however, dogs with weak immune systems are more inclined to develop demodectic mange due to the dog's body being unable to naturally fight off the parasites. Signs of demodectic mange include patches of dry, scaly skin and redness near the mouth or eyes. Young short-haired breeds are also more inclined to develop demodectic mange.

To help better control demodex mites on your dog, consider the following steps:

Control mites

To control mites, use products containing Amitraz, which works to suspend the nervous system of parasites.

Boost your dog's immune system

Help your dog fight against mites by boosting his or her immune system with supplements.

Vet Tip
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