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Reducing Your Dog's Shedding

Shedding in dogs is most commonly attributed to:

  • Length of hair/coat (short, medium, or long)
  • Coat texture (straight, wavy, or curly)
  • Type of dog coat (undercoat present or hairless)

Additional factors related to increased shedding are:

  • Exposure to sunlight and temperature, when outdoors
  • General health, including nutrition, allergies, and hormones

To help reduce your dog's shedding, try the following steps:

Groom your dog regularly

Groom your dog often to remove dead hair. To help with shedding, you should also bathe your dog regularly.

Feed a healthy diet

Healthy nutrition plays a large role in maintaining your dog's skin and coat health. That's why we recommend feeding your dog a healthy pet food rich in essential vitamins and nutrients. In addition, a daily supplement of Omega 3 can also improve your pet's skin health and restore a soft, shiny coat.

Max's Tip
Max & Molly
Bathe your dog with our Oatmeal & Aloe Vera Shampoo to help moisturize your dog's skin and coat. It also does not wash away your dog's flea medications.
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