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Interceptor Prevents Heartworms in Dogs and Cats

Heartworm preventative Interceptor

Interceptor is a pet medication that prevents the infection of heartworms and controls and removes roundworms and hookworms in your dog. For cats, Interceptor prevents heartworms and also removes roundworms and hookworms. Heartworms are parasites that are transferred between pets by heartworm carrying mosquitoes. When it bites an animal, the mosquitoes ingest the larvae (or microfilaria) of the infected pet and then eject the larvae into the next dog or cat it bites through its saliva.

The microfilaria mature and migrate to the heart of the animal where they reproduce and begin the cycle again. A full life cycle for each of these parasites is about 9 months and the females can grow to be anywhere from 9 to 16 inches long. Eventually, if heartworm disease is not treated, an overabundance of these worms living in your pet's heart causes heart disease and heart failure. Treatment is a long process, but taking preventative action by giving your pet Interceptor is the best way to avoid heartworm disease.

If you think your pet may have heartworms, read our article on common symptoms of heartworm disease.

Interceptor controls roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms

Roundworms, hookworms and whipworms are intestinal parasites that grow and live in the intestines of our pets. Young pets are the most at risk for getting these parasites because they often contract the parasite from an infected mother, who is carrying it in her system while the pups are still in the womb.

Given monthly, Interceptor can help prevent your dog or cat from being affected by dangerous heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms.

Keep your pets healthy with cheap Interceptor from PetMeds
At PetMeds we make it effortless to save money on your pet expenses, including heartworm medicine like Interceptor. And although heartworm medicines require a veterinarian prescription, we simplify the process by contacting your veterinarian for prescription authorization.

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