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Pet Supplies Check List

Pets have a place in our hearts and families, and meeting their needs is one of the best ways to show how much we love them. A pet that is properly cared for will enjoy better health and more energy, which will quickly make itself apparent in a more playful puppy or frisky cat. Whether you recently added a new pet to your family, or wonder what pet supplies you may be missing, let the list below be your guide to keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Basic pet supplies for dogs and cats can vary; however, some of the supplies every pet will need include food and water bowls, a leash, and a place to rest.

You can give your dog a place to rest with a crate or a comfortable orthopedic bed. Cats tend to prefer different resting areas, such as a window perch or heated pad.

On-the-go pet supplies

A travel carrier is one of the most important pet supplies you can own. A plastic crate or soft-sided carrier for your pet can keep your dog or cat calm and secure for vacations or visits to the veterinarian.

Grooming supplies

Keeping your pet's skin and coat healthy is not just for appearance. By regularly grooming your dog or cat, you can help prevent your pet from ingesting his or her own hair. Use a grooming tool to remove dead and loose hair, and help reduce shedding.

Although some pets may not enjoy having their nails trimmed, it's an important part of the grooming process that should not be neglected. Long nails can affect your cat's or dog's ability to walk comfortably, and can also accidentally scratch you or other people who come into contact with your pet.

Fun and interactive pet toys

All pets need mental stimulation as well as exercise to remain healthy and avoid boredom. Whether your pet enjoys tug-of-war, playing fetch or interactive games, toys are a simple way to show your love.

Max's Tip
Max & Molly
Regular grooming helps improve your pet's outer appearance, but routine toothbrushing should also be practiced with your pet.
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