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Interceptor Heartworm Medicine for Dogs

As temperatures begin to rise, so does the risk of your dog contracting heartworm disease. It takes only one mosquito bite to potentially infect your dog with dangerous heartworms. And regardless of where you live, the American Heartworm Society has reported cases of heartworm disease in all 50 states.

The best way to help keep your dog safe from these harmful intestinal parasites is to give your dog a monthly preventative, like Interceptor flavor tabs. Not only does Interceptor prevent heartworm disease, it also protects your dog from roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. And if you have a cat, Interceptor for cats is an easy way to help protect your cat from heartworm disease as well.

Vet Prescriptions and Interceptor

Heartworm medicines including Interceptor require a prescription from your veterinarian. A common question among pet owners is why a prescription is needed to order Interceptor, or any other heartworm medicine. The reason is because the F.D.A. has determined the medication should only be used when advised by a licensed veterinarian. Prior to giving a prescription, your veterinarian will likely perform a blood test to determine if your dog has heartworms or not.

If a dog with existing heartworms is given Interceptor, it could cause serious complications by killing the existing adult heartworms, potentially causing heart failure and death. So, you should never buy a heartworm preventative or any prescription pet meds from a website that claims you do not need a prescription because this could cause severe harm to your pet.

Save Money on Interceptor for Dogs

Buying Interceptor for your dog is simple when you order with 1800PetMeds. Just choose the correct weight for your dog, add the product to your cart, and provide us with your veterinarian's information during check out. Shortly after placing your order, we will contact your veterinarian to authorize your dog's existing Interceptor prescription.

Place your next pet meds order with 1800PetMeds and take advantage of additional savings and convenience with your pet's heartworm medications.

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