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How to Bathe Your Dog

Do not use human shampoos on your dog's skin. Human grade shampoos contain chemicals that are too harsh to use on dog skin. Bathe your dog with a shampoo specially formulated for his or her skin and coat needs.

Use a washcloth to clean your dog's face and ears.

Dilute the shampoo with water (1:10 ratio) to decrease the concentration of the shampoo. This makes it easier to distribute through the skin and easier to rinse.

Leave the shampoo on your dog for 10 minutes.

Rinse the shampoo from your dog's skin thoroughly, removing all excess shampoo residue. Follow with a dog conditioner.

Pharmacy Tip
Max & Molly
If using a flea preventative, wait at least 24 hours after bathing your dog before applying.
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