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Horse Medication

Some customers may think that PetMeds is limited just to cats and dogs, but the selection of medications at also stretches into pet meds for other animals, including horses. With a range of horse medications and supplements, has all the supplies needed to keep your horse strong and healthy. Although horse medication can be expensive, Petmeds carries brand name horse medication and horse supplies at discount prices. From flea and tick preventative medication, to skin and coat supplies and treatments, PetMeds can supply you with all the essential products to maintain your horse's health.

An ideal way to keep medical cost's down is by taking preventative measures to help protect your horse against illnesses before they strike.Giving your horse vitamins and nutritional supplements from PetMeds can help to keep your horse healthy and which could help you to avoid costly vet bills in the future.

After purchasing your horse's medication from PetMeds, you may want to try a few suggestions on feeding your horse its medication.

  • Unless otherwise noted by your veterinarian, you should give your horse its medication during feeding time.
  • Dissolve the horse medication in hot water and mix with applesauce and then administer it to your horse through a large syringe to make sure it gets the entire dosage.
  • If giving a tablet, check with your vet if it is admissable to crush it first. Some medications contain a special outer coating that is part of the medicine treatment. Crush the medication and either mix in with your horse's feed or dissolve with water and mix together.

In general, feeding your horse its medication mixed with food or a treat can successfully hide the taste of the medication.

To start saving on your horse's medication, check out and choose from a wide range of top selling products that are available for your horse and other pets.

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