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Stairs and Ramps for Arthritic Dogs

Did you know when your dog jumps off furniture or out of a vehicle, there is unnecessary stress placed on his or her joints? Over time this behavior could lead to joint pain and potentially develop into arthritis. But with the use of dog stairs and ramps, your dog has a stable and sturdy surface to gradually help him or her up and down furniture, as well as in and out of vehicles. Best of all, you no longer have to strain your back to help lift up your dog!

Choosing dog stairs

Before purchasing dog stairs, you should first measure the furniture (sofa, bed, etc.) your dog needs access to, which will help you determine the correct size needed. We recommend purchasing dog stairs that measure slightly lower than the desired piece of furniture your dog will climb onto.

Styles of dog stairs

Most dog stairs are available as foam stairs, or as a hard plastic mold with carpeted mats. Both styles, as shown below, are available with free shipping. In addition, each set of dog stairs are available in several colors to help accommodate most interior décor.

Choosing a dog ramp

Most dog ramps are used for vehicles; however, smaller ramps, such as the Indoor Pet Ramp and Small Folding Dog Ramp are ideal for average size sofas and platform beds.

As with the dog stairs, we recommend measuring the height from your vehicle's door to the ground to select the appropriate ramp length.

Reward your dog's behavior

As with most new tasks, it may take some time and positive reinforcement to help your dog become accustomed to using the stairs or ramps. Gently coax your dog up and down the steps and ramps with appetizing treats. With regular practice, your dog should become more comfortable using the pet ramp or stairs.

Max's Tip
Max & Molly
All dog stairs and ramps have weight limitations. Weigh your dog first to help you choose the appropriate stairs or ramp.
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