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Dog Crates for House Training and Travel

Dog crates are a popular pet accessory and supply many dog owners use because of the benefits they offer. Common uses for dog crates are:

  • House training - Dog crates allow you to train your dog to soil outside and not in your home or in the crate.
  • Coping with separation anxiety - Some pets can become destructive when they are left alone. But using a crate ensures your dog is safe and secure.
  • Travel - Dog crates and kennels are also great for travel. If you plan to visit family or friends, there are many dog crates which fold and are even padded, making them easier to take with you.
  • Privacy - When used with coverings, dog crates can mimic the feel of a den, which in most cases creates a personal area for your pet to rest.
  • Multiple pet training - Whether you have a new litter of puppies or recently adopted a new dog, a crate helps address aggressiveness issues.

The crate size is very important, especially if you have a growing puppy. If your dog is still growing, you should take this into account and determine which dog crate size will best accommodate your dog when fully grown, based on his or her breed type.

For full-grown dogs, choose a size your dog can stand up, turn around, and lay down inside. To determine this, we recommend taking your dog's measurements (width, length and height).

Using dog crates for house training
  • Open all the doors of the crate and allow your dog to sniff around inside to become familiar with the space.
  • If your pet shows little interest, place a few dog treats inside to encourage your dog to go inside. Some pet trainers even recommend feeding your pet inside the crate to create a positive association.
  • Routine use of the dog crate is the best way to make your dog comfortable with the crate. When initially using the dog crate, make each crating session a little longer than the previous. Each time you crate your dog, try using a command word, such as "crate" or "kennel" so your dog becomes used to the association.
  • Use the crate every time you leave for extended periods of time. However, your pet should not be left alone in the crate for more than 4 hours at a time.
  • If you're using the dog crate for house training, make sure to practice a regular schedule when feeding and taking your dog outside.
  • Each morning you should take your dog out of the crate to go outside to eliminate. Even if you have a yard, you should physically go outside with your dog to make sure they relieve themselves. To encourage good behavior, always remember to praise your dog when they eliminate outside.
  • Although it is possible for accidents to occur the first few times, persistence is essential in helping your dog become comfortable with the crate.
Lightweight and portable dog crates for travel
  • Many dog crates are ideal for traveling to visit friends and family because they can fold down into compact sizes and store easily.
  • For even more portability, soft dog crates can easily move from room to room. Plus, there is no worry of scuffing your furniture or floors.
  • If you're planning to travel by airplane, most airlines have specific requirements, in which the dog crate cannot be collapsible, but instead must be a single mold design. These types of dog crates are commonly referred to as dog carriers. We recommend checking with your airline for any additional requirements before your flight.
Wooden dog crates and indoor pens
  • Using a dog crate doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style! Consider choosing a wooden dog crate which can blend is as decor, while still keeping your pet secure.
  • Although dog pens may slightly differ from dog crates, they can also be used to keep your dog in a particular area of your home.
Max's Tip
Max & Molly
For best results, consider using your dog's crate even when you are at home. This will help your dog become accustom to using his or her dog crate all the time.
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