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Why Cats Love Window Perches & Heated Beds

If there's one thing every cat owner knows, it's that cats love window perches and heated beds. Have you ever wondered what features these items have that make them such popular cat accessories? Window perches and heated beds offer the following benefits for your cat:

Window perches can provide added warmth for your cat

Window perches allow your cat to enjoy the sunlight that radiates into the room through the window. While your cat is lying on a perch, he or she is warmed by the sunlight. This can especially help provide a warm area for your cat to lounge and play in during the wintertime. Many cats like using window perches to nap, especially on sunny winter afternoons. Try the Cat Window Perch, a super soft resting area for your feline. It can be assembled with the included Velcro attachments, or screwed onto a surface for a more permanent placement.

Heated beds can help older cats with stiffness or arthritis

Heated cat beds can help if your cat has age-related stiffness due to arthritis or other conditions. Heat reduces inflammation, and warmth can ease the pain of a stiff joint or muscle. For cats that have mobility issues, heated beds are a good way to offer some medication-free pain relief. Several designs are made from orthopedic foam, which cuts down on stress to your cat's joints. It cushions your cat and offers support. These types of cat beds or heated pads let your cat sleep and play lower to the ground, and can help reduce stress on the joints by reducing the amount of jumping on the bed your cat may do. One choice you might want to consider is the Heated Cat Pad.

Window perches provide entertaining views for your cat 

A cat window perch allows an indoor cat the ability to watch wildlife or other activity through a window. If your cat frequently hops up on the window ledge, this item gives a more spacious and comfortable alternative. Window perches let your cat see what is going on outdoors and answer his or her curious nature. 

Molly's Tip
Max & Molly
Whether you are in the market for a cat window perch or a heated cat pad, always check the cat bed thoroughly for open seams or sharp edges that may injure your cat.
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