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Benefits of Cat Furniture

Cat furniture such as towers, scratching posts, and tunnels are designed to combine exercise with fun. Having one or several of these in your home allows your cat to play, stretch, claw, and climb to his or her heart's content. Additionally some cat furniture items can help prevent your cat from scratching and damaging your furniture. Help fulfill your cat's need to play and scratch with some of the suggested products below.

Cat towers and tunnels offer fun both indoors and out

Many cat furniture pieces include several levels to climb and play on. For your favorite climber, Bowser's Cat Tower contains five levels of interactive fun to keep your cat entertained. If you'd like to offer your cat an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, consider an outdoor cat tunnel or the Kittywalk Outdoor Cat Enclosure. The wide fishnet allows your cat to enjoy fresh air and even sun bathe while safely containing your cat inside.

Using scratching posts Pprevents destruction to your own furniture

As a cat owner, you know cats instinctively scratch, and sometimes on the wrong things. By using scratching posts, you can help guard your furniture from potential damage while giving your cat his or her own spot to instinctively claw and scratch.

Molly's Tip
Max & Molly
Some cat towers, can be tall, so we recommend measuring the spot in your home where you plan to place the tower.
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