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Advantage Flea Medicine for Dogs and Cats

Advantage is a topical flea preventative treatment that is applied monthly to quickly kill fleas, provide your pet with relief from flea bites, and to control future flea infestations. Although scratching, skin irritation, and discomfort are the most common signs of a possible flea infestation, these symptoms may also be signs of other illnesses including mites, hormonal imbalances, and skin allergies.

So how do you decide that your dog or cat has fleas? Fleas are tiny, dark brown, and shiny, which helps them to blend in easily on a pet with a black or dark fur coat. Flea eggs and flea larvae are microscopic, so it's seemingly impossible to see them. The best way to determine if your pet has fleas is to look for traces of "flea dirt." Although it is termed flea dirt, this residue is actually the excrement fleas leave behind.

To start, you should groom your pet using a flea comb and look for dark reddish, brown specks on the skin and in your pet's coat that looks similar to dried blood. Flea dirt turns reddish brown when wet, so you should look for discoloring in the water when giving your pet a bath.

After determining if your pet has fleas, you should begin using a flea preventative, like Advantage which is formulated to kill biting fleas in just under 5 minutes. Advantage continues to work by killing 98-100% of fleas in 12 hours. And for pet owners looking to fight both fleas and heartworms, you can help protect your pets against both by using Advantage Multi.

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