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Addison's Disease Treatment for Dogs and Cats

Addison's Disease
Symptoms & Diagnosis
Treatment options for pets with Addison's disease

If your pet has a sudden, severe onset of Addison's disease, it is a medical emergency. Your pet will likely receive IV fluids and short-acting cortisol, such as dexamethasone. If your pet has a more chronic incidence of Addison's disease, it will be prescribed daily glucocorticoids, such as Prednisolone, and/or mineralocorticoids, such as Fludrocortisone. Or, some pets can be treated with Percorten-V (DOCP or Desoxycorticosterone Pivalate) injections every 3-4 weeks.

These pet medications are necessary to treat Addison's disease in both dogs and cats. Higher doses of these pet medications are used when your pet is ill, stressed, or scheduled for surgery.

Recommended pet medications for treating Addison's disease in dogs and cats
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