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5 Benefits of Kids Having Pets

It's easy to say no to your kids when they ask for a pet, because you may just be thinking about all the responsibility involved in owning a pet; however, there are lots of benefits.

National Kids & Pets Day is right around the corner and what a better time to discuss a few benefits of families with kids owning pets too.

Having a pet helps to teach responsibility

One of the most important things a pet can do for a child is to teach him or her responsibility. Having your kids feed their pet, helping in training efforts, shows children that taking care of animals is a big responsibility and something to not take lightly. These valuable lessens not only help children while growing up, but also as a child grows into adulthood.

See what you may need for pet feeding and training pets:

Kids with pets tend to be more active

Who doesn't like to have playtime with a rambunctious pet? Kids love to play with pets, and the best part is, it makes your child more lively. Whether you have a dog or a cat, playing with pets gets kids away from the T.V. and video games, and into a game of fetch or "pounce" — and ultimately can lead to a healthier more active lifestyle.

See what you may need for playing pet games:

Lessens the risk of allergies

The risk of developing allergies lessens when children are around pets from a very early age. In fact, researchers have found that the bacteria carried by pets may actually help "exercise" a child's immune system, and help children reduce their risk for allergic diseases later in life. In addition, researchers also found that children who had more then one pet in the household had a reduction of risk of allergies up to 77 percent.

Reduces feelings of loneliness or anxiety

Let's face it, even the happiest of children can sometimes feel lonely or have anxiety about something that may be going on at school or at home. Having a dog or a cat can take your child's mind off of their problems for a little while, as well as make him or her feel like they have someone to "talk" to. After all, it doesn't matter why you're child may be feeling blue, they just want to be there to cuddle and make everything better.

See what you may need to take your pet for a walk below:

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