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Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put Bench Seat Cover

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Product Info

What is Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put™ Bench Seat Cover?

The Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put™ Bench Seat Cover is a seat cover that attaches to the headrests in the backseat of your car and protects your seat from many of the messes our pets can bring. We all love our pets, but their messes--not so much. Whether your biggest concern is shedding fur, dirty paws, dander, or other messes, you can protect your car seats from them with the Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put™ Bench Seat Cover. And what's even better? The soft, micro-suede top fabric and padding in the quilted cover will provide comfort to your pets while giving you peace of mind. A win-win for you and your pets. The easy-to-install cover has multiple attachment points, adjustable straps to fit any size seat, and two Sta-Put™ devices to keep the cover firmly in place in any vehicle that has headrests in the back seat. It also has a SmartFit Elastic Panel at the bottom for a snug fit.

Note: The cover is specially treated with Stain-Blok, which helps repel liquid, making it easier to clean up any accidental spills.


Dogs and Cats


  • Protects back seat area from dirt, dander and accidents
  • Made of durable, waterproof, heavy-gauge polyester fabric
  • Attractive styling with neutral colors and accent trim
  • Adjustable straps and easy-to-manage devices keep the liner firmly in place
  • Seatbelt safety openings for backseat passengers
  • No tools necessary for assembly
  • Now with SmartFit Elastic Panel for a snug fit
  • Fits most vehicles
  • Machine washable

How it Works:

The Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put™ Bench Seat Cover installs right into your backseat and keeps it clean from unwanted pet hair and accidents. It is easy to care for and install — no tools necessary. It comes with adjustable straps, which loop with the rear head rests, and hooks and straps on the underside for a snuggly fit onto the backseat. A metal slider allows you to adjust the length of each strap to achieve the best fit for your vehicle. The cover is made of durable, heavy-gauge polyester with waterproof backing and has a SmartFit Elastic Panel so it will not slide around.


Always make sure your vehicle seat is dry before installing the Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put™ Bench Seat Cover.

How to Use


For in-depth installation details, please read the Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put™ Bench Seat Cover manual.

  • The cover is held in place at the top by two adjustable straps which go around the rear headrests. Lay the cover in place on the seat, loop the straps over the headrests and adjust length for best fit.
  • Locate two white plastic tubes sewn to the back of the cover. Push each tube into the gap between the seat back cushion and seat bottom cushion. The tubes can be removed with a strong tug, but hold firmly enough to keep the cover in place under normal use.
  • Stretch the elastic panels found on the front corners of the cover over the seat. Find the two straps sewn to the front edge of the cover and pass each under one of the front corners of the seat and connect to the plastic adjustable anchors found on the sides of the cover (use of these is optional and might not work on some models if the seat is mounted to the vehicle floor).
  • Side vents and seat belt keepers: The cover includes two side vents with brass snap along each side and two fabric strips with hook-and-loop tape in each upper corner. These can be used to hold a seat belt if it is not being used. The effect of this is to better keep the outer edges of the seat cover in place.
  • Seat belt slits: The cover also includes two slits which allow seat belt buckles to pass through. These slits are oversized to fit all vehicle configurations. If not using seat belts, we suggest stowing the buckles under the cover and closing the flaps to keep debris from falling through the slits.
  • Cleaning: Promptly wipe up any foreign matter or standing liquid. Machine wash cover in a commercial size front-load washing machine. Use cold water with a mild detergent. Line dry. Always make sure the cover and vehicle seat are dry before installing the seat cover.

For narrower vehicles, the fit may be improved by leaving the vents open.

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Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put Bench Seat Cover Details:

Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put Bench Seat Cover
Material Dimensions
Heavy-gauge polyester with waterproof backing 56" x 47"
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