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Indoor Pet Ramp

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Product Info

What is the Indoor Pet Ramp?

The Indoor Pet Ramp helps dogs and cats weighing up to 200 lbs climb on and off furniture while placing minimal strain on your pet's joints. It measures 42 inches long and can be used for low furniture such as beds and sofas. Although pet ramps are often used to help senior or arthritic pets, they can also be used to help younger pets reduce the risk of developing arthritis.


Dogs and Cats (up to 200 lbs)

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  • Great for all pets, but especially helpful for pets that are senior, arthritic, or have recently had surgery.
  • Carpeted mats provide a comfortable surface for your pet.
  • Mats stay in place with durable Velcro strips and are easy to clean (machine washable).
  • Bottom grips help to prevent ramp from slipping.
  • Compact bifold design makes storage easy.
  • Ramp stays securely folded with the use of the side locking latch.
  • Easy to carry with attached handle (when folded).

How it works:

The Indoor Pet Ramp is great for helping senior or arthritic pets climb up and down furniture including low sofas and beds. No assembly required. Simply unfold and set the ramp in place.


Do not use to load people or other objects.

How to Use

Directions (To set up):

  • Unfold the pet ramp and place on a firm surface (low furniture or a vehicle doorway).
  • Watch for pinch points while unfolding the pet ramp.
  • Be sure the pet ramp is secure and all four corners are supported before allowing your pet onto the ramp.

The side latch helps to keep the ramp securely folded if you need to move or carry the ramp.

Size & Color

Indoor Pet Ramp Details:

Indoor Pet Ramp
Dimensions Recommended for
42"L x 16"W x 4"H Dogs and cats weighing less than 200 lbs.
Colors: tan
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