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Flea and Tick Topics
Flea and Tick Topics
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How to Fog Your Home to Remove Fleas

Vacuum your home thoroughly, ensuring all carpet flooring and upholstery furniture are clean.
Use a vacuum hose attachment to reach alongside baseboards and to clean curtains.
Prior to fogging, remove all pets and their eating/drinking bowls to prevent contamination from the fog's insecticides.
Shake the fogger can thoroughly and spray around the entire home and on all surfaces.
Each Virbac Knockout Fogger , Bio Spot Fogger and Sergeant's Gold Household Fogger canisters can be used in a 6,000 cubic feet radius.
Use multiple cans for homes with more than one floor and additional rooms.
Fogging your home helps eliminate fleas in carpet and upholstery furniture
Fogging your home for fleas helps to eliminate flea eggs and larvae, which can live in carpet for several months.

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