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Flea and Tick Topics
Flea and Tick Topics
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Steps To Tackle a Flea Infestation


Treat your pet.

To kill fleas, you can treat your pet with shampoo or oral tablet medication such as Capstar. Then, comb your pet with a flea comb to remove left over fleas. Make sure to treat all pets in your home. This helps to greatly reduce a future infestation.
  How to spray your pet
  How to bathe your pet
  How to use a flea comb

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Video: Learn More About Flea Prevention
in Your Home and on Your Pet


Treat your home.

Spray carpet, furniture cushions, sofa, and hard to reach areas including floorboards and windows. Wash your pet's bedding and vacuum around your house to remove flea eggs and larvae. If your pet sleeps on your bed, you should also wash your bedding.
I've used the Bio Spot Inverted Carpet Spray last summer and again this fall, it works very well. I used it in combination with flea baths and Frontline. It's great to use where your pet sleep. Continue to use every couple of weeks, and your problem should be solved. - Cindy


Treat your yard.

Spray your yard with Virbac Yard Spray which you can easily attach to your garden hose.


Use flea prevention.

Use flea prevention year-round to keep your pet free from fleas.

Max's Tip: Soft and flexible skin helps to effectively distribute flea medication once it is applied. If your pet has dry or flaky skin, feed your pet Brite Coat XS to restore your pet's skin health.  

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