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Ask the Vet About Anal Sac Inflammation & Scooting

Anal Sac Inflammation & Scooting
Symptoms & Diagnosis
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Ask the Vet About Anal Sac Inflammation and Scooting in Dogs
Dr. Michael Dym
Dr. Michael Dym
VMD, Veterinarian

As a practicing veterinarian, Dr. Dym has over 19 years of experience and dedication to enhancing the overall health and well-being of pets. His commitment and passion for pet health continuously drives him to learn more about the art and science of homeopathy through ongoing training and education.

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Date: 07/26/12
Category: Wormer
Pet Type: Dog
Topic: Worms

Question:My Dog Keeps Trying To Lick Her Backend And Is Really Restless And Seems To Be Annoyed. Could This Be Intestinal Worms?

Answer:Intestinal Worms Are Possible, As Well As Anal Sac Inflammation Or Impaction. Best To Have Vet Check, Exam And Stool Check.

Date: 07/10/11
Category: Other
Pet Type: Dog
Topic: Hemorrhoid

Question:My 5 Week Old Toy Poodle Puppy Has Been Scooting His Rear End. After Cleaning The Area And Trimming The Fur, He Appears To Have A Hemorrhoid - A Small Red Bulge. I Have Given Him Extra Water. What Can I Apply To The Hemorrhoid To Ease His Discomfort?

Answer:Dogs Usually Dont Get Hemorrhoids. I Would Take Him To Vet As Could Be Anal Sac Inflammation Or Inflammation Or Prolapse Of Rectum That Need Prescription Medical Treatment.

Date: 01/17/11
Category: Odor Control
Pet Type: Dog
Topic: Excessive Licking

Question:I Have Two Dogs That Lick Their Rectum Excessivly And Sometimes There Is A Leakage. It Has An Ordor That I Cant Really Explain Except To Say It Smells Like Iron, Chemical, Or Some Kind Of Metal. They Are Both Inside Dogs And Are Bathed On A Regular Basis. Please Help.

Answer:This Is Likely Anal Sac Inflammation Or Impaction.if Persists, Have Vet Exam And Evaluation To Check.

Date: 04/06/10
Category: First Aid
Pet Type: Dog
Topic: Anal Glands

Question:My Dogs Anal Abcess Has Ruptured. The Pharmacist Told Me To Use Peroxide And Neosporin. The Peroxide Has Been Working. He Is Now On Petmeds Be Well And He Is Expressing On His Own. I Also Bought The The Be Super Clean Shampoo And Wash His Behind Everyday With It, After Using The Peroxide. It Is Healing, Slowly. He Is A Shep/rott Mix, 10 Yrs Old. My Question Is There Anything Else Through Petmeds I Can Use W/o It Being A Px?

Answer:I Would Put Dog On Proanthozone 50 Mg Twice Daily Which Can Help With Anal Sac Inflammation And As Preventative In Other Regards. See 1800petmeds Product Review I Wrote, Also Add Fiber Like A Few Teaspoons Of Metamucil To Meals Or Vetasyl From 1800petmeds.

Date: 07/29/09
Category: Odor Control
Pet Type: Cat
Topic: Anal Discharge

Question:My 10 Month Old Male Cat Has Developed A Dicharge From His Anus That Is Clear And Very Foul Smelling (like Poop) It Doesn't Happen All The Time, In Fact I Have Yet To Experience This But My Husband And Oldest Son Have Seen It. Is This A Serious Health Issue.

Answer:Sounds Like Anal Sac Inflammation. I Would Have Vet Exam To Assess If Anal Sac Inflammation Or Infection.

Date: 02/18/09
Category: Urinary Tract/Kidneys
Pet Type: Cat
Topic: 1yr Old Female Cat,Leaking From Back End??

Question:She Is Eating, Not Expressing Any Discomfort During Time In Litter Box. She Is Not Very Energetic,Is Cleaning Herself,But Is Leaking Some Typee Of Fluid From Backside.

Answer:Best To Have Vet Exam As Could Be Rectal Inflammation Or Infection Or Possibly Anal Sac Impaction Or Infection.

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