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Ask the Vet: Addison's Disease

Addison's Disease
Symptoms & Diagnosis
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Ask the Vet About Addison's Disease in Dogs and Cats
Dr. Michael Dym
Dr. Michael Dym
VMD, Veterinarian

As a practicing veterinarian, Dr. Dym has over 19 years of experience and dedication to enhancing the overall health and well-being of pets. His commitment and passion for pet health continuously drives him to learn more about the art and science of homeopathy through ongoing training and education.

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Date: 06/28/16
Category: Urinary Tract/Kidneys
Pet Type: Dog
Topic: Addison Disease

Question:How Much Do You Think It Would Cost Roughly For A Diagnoses For Addison Disease In My Dog She Is A Collie?

Answer:Cost Of This Will Vary Depending On Vet But Should Run Between $100.00 To $200.00 Range. You Could Also Ask Your Vet For Only A Resting Cortisol Level As A Cheaper Option. If The Resting Cortisol Level Is Normal, Then Addison's Is Ruled Out With The Expense Of The Two Blood Samples Needed

Date: 12/05/13
Category: Other
Pet Type: Dog
Topic: Husky

Question:Hi My Dog's Vet She May Has Addison Due To Her Potassium Level Being So High. She Is Also Displaying Symptoms Of Addison: Diarrhea, Vomiting, Drinking Excessive Amount Of Water, And Lost The Sparkle In Eyes. I Wanted To Know Is It Okay To Use Prednisone For Human On Dogs Or Is Not The Same. Thanks!

Answer:Prednisone Is Same, But Check With Your Vet First On Amount And If You Should Dose.

Date: 09/19/13
Category: Hormonal/Endocrine
Pet Type: Dog
Topic: Hyperkalmia-high Levels Of Potassium

Question:Dr. Dym- I Want To Say I Hope My Email Went To U. Im Cocs Mom. Lydia. I Will Look For My Answer Either On Your Blog Or My Personal Email. Cocos Potassium Levels Is 5.8 -3.6=5-5 M Eq/l. Does He Have Cushings Or Addison Disease Or Is His Kidneys On The Way To Crf. Thanks Cocos Om Lydia.

Answer:Hard To Say What This Means, As Not That High. To Rule Out Kidney Disease A Blood Creatinine And Bun Are Important To Run, As Well As Urine Check, As Well As A Blood Cortisol Level To Rule Out Addisons.

Date: 06/23/09
Category: Skin Care
Pet Type: Dog
Topic: Hair Loss And Rash

Question:I Have A Siberian Husky Who Has No Hair On The Back Of His Legs By His Tail And Has Red Bumps. They Don't Itch And Are Not Sore. He Also Has Addison Disease Which Is Under Control With Med. His Mate Is Perfectly Fine. Although They Are Both Starting To Blow Their Fur; But Have Not Had Rashes Like This Before.


Date: 09/03/08
Category: Hormonal/Endocrine
Pet Type: Dog
Topic: Addison's

Question:I Have A Dog Who About 7 Months Ago Was Diagnosed With Addison I Qas Just Wondering If She Will Eventually Grow Out Of Addisons?

Answer:If Truly Diagnosed Accurately(blood Cortisol Levels Much Less Than 1 On Both Samples Of Test), Then This Is Life Long Treatment With Either Injection Of Drug Called Docp At Your Vet Or Prescription Pills Called Florinef. Also Needs Low Dose Prednisone In Most Casea As Well.

Date: 01/23/06
Category: Anxiety Relief
Pet Type: Dog
Topic: High Potassium And Evelated Electricytes

Question:I Noticed My Jack Russell Terrior Aroung 3 Weeks Ago. He Was Trembling And Standing As If He Was In A Trance. This Didn't Happen All The Time. It Seems To Happen In The Daylight Areas, Especially On Days When The Trash Truck Comes. I Took Him To The Vet And He Gave Him Some Muscle Relaxers, And Told Me To Bring Him Back For Blood Work If This Didn't Help. I Took Him Back A Week Later For The Tests, And His Potassuim Level Was Elevated. I Told The Vet That Jt (my Dog) Would Get Really Nervous And Shaking When He Seems To Hear Loud Noises (like Big Trucks, Trash Trucks, Ups, And Fed Ex). He Had Me To Come Back In A Week To Check His Electralytes, And He Told Me They Were Still Elevated. Now He Wants To Test Him For Addison Disease.could It Be That Jt Has Been Tramatized By Loud Noises That Is Causing His Problems. Before This Happened, He Was A Normal Active Energtic Terrier. What Do You Recommend?

Answer:I Think Probably Good Idea To Test For Addisons Disease With Simple One Or Two Hour Blood Test. Once This Has Been Ruled Out, Then Need To Look At Other Causes Like Various Muscle Diseases, Kidney Issues, Etc If Potassium Levels Are Truly Elevated Which I Would Need To Know Exact Numbers To Comment On. Also I Dont Think Fear Of Noises Causing Electrolyte Changes. Also I Would Use Flower Essences From Health Food Store Like Rescue Remedy, Aspen And Mimulus In Combination Which I Find Often Helps These Fearful Dogs.

Date: 06/12/04
Category: Other
Pet Type: 
Topic: Disease Priority

Question:Our 12 Yr. Old Standard Poodle Had A Physical Recently. Last Year He Was Diagnosed With Early Renal Failure. This Time The Vet Suspects Testicular Cancer And Is Recommending He Be Neutered. Also Blood Work Showed He May Have Addison's Disease. Test And Meds To Confirm Addison Cost From $200 To $250. Vet Tells Me That Treatment For This Disease Costs From $200 To $250 Monthly. He Is Already Taking Cosequin Daily For Arthritis And His Groom Is Pricey. Income Does Not Allow For This Much Expense. He Is Already Taking Cosequin Daily For Arthritis And His Groom Is Pricey. Love My Dog And Want Him To Enjoy His Remaining Time Free Of Pain And Suffering. I Don't Know What To Do Or Worry About First. Please Advise.

Answer:Addisons Disease Would Be Most Critical If Accurately Diagnosed By Acth Stim Blood Test. I Would Put Testicular Cancer On Lowest List As Most Of Cases Are Benign And Even One That Is Malignant Tends Not To Spread To Other Areas In Most Cases. Thjat Would Be My Priority. Also New Once Monthly Injection Called Pericorten Which Most Vets Can Order Or Carry Is More Economic Way To Treat Addisons Disease Long Term And Way I Do In My Practice. See Another Vet Who Will Work With You With Cost On This Drug If Needed

Date: 02/26/04
Category: First Aid
Pet Type: 
Topic: Addison's Disease

Question:Our Jack Russell/poodle [jack-a-poo] Has Been Diagnosed With Addison's. I See The Medication Is Available Here, But Am Wondering If There Are Any Over-the-counter Remedies That May Be Suggested? She Had An Addison Attack About 3 Months Ago And Again Yesterday. She Is 1.5 Yrs Old. Thank You, Tina

Answer:She Needs Some Form Ofdefinitive Treatment Either The Docp Injection Given Monthly That Vets Give Or Florinef Tablets You Get From Petmeds. I Also Support Adrenal Gland Function With A Product Callled Drenamin Which Is Froma Company Called Standard Process But This Would Not Replace The Abovemeds

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