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The Super Dog Crate

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What is The Super Dog Crate?

Say good-bye to bothersome crates! The Super Dog Crate is your pet's dream den with a unique design. It's made of sturdy steel and blow molded plastic which resists cracking. Many pets sleep on cold steel trays, but this crate comes with a black fleece mat that is removable and washable. It's the most versatile on the market with 4 doors: a top loading door, two side doors, and a large front door that opens upand stows away in the top of the crate. This unique garage door allows your pet to come in and out without the nuisance of a swinging door. (For a more luxurious resting area, we recommend the Super Dog Crate with Cozy Bed. This crate has a plush bed made of super cushiony fabric. It is also available in several color coordinated options to match the crate of your choice.)


Dogs and Cats

  • Folds easily and quickly.
  • No more swinging doors! The main door stows away for easy in and out.
  • It's secure. Pets can't get out once the crate is latched up.
  • Made with sturdy steel & strong blow-molded plastic.
  • Rounded corners protect you & your home from scratches.
  • 4 Doors means easy access.
  • Top door allows you to load cats and puppies without them running out.
  • Fleece mat is removable and washable.
  • Wheels make it easy to move.
How it Works:

The Super Dog Crate is great for

  • Separation Anxiety - Helps eliminate your pet's destructive behavior and keeps your pet safe from unforeseen dangers when you are away.
  • Sleeping - Pets will come to think of this crate as their own room or safe space in the house.
  • House breaking - Pets do not normally urinate or defecate where they sleep, which means no accidents in the home.
  • Training with multiple pets - Using a crate can reduce the aggressiveness between pets when training.

This pet crate is not suitable or certified for air travel. These crates are not stackable. Remove all collars and leashes while using this product. Make sure all locks are engaged when this product is in use. Do not use or rest near an open or exposed flame. Although this product is compact for travel, it is not airline approved due to its folding capability.

How to Use
  • Remove the crate from the carrying case and place crate on the ground with the Pet Gear logo on the bottom facing towards you.
  • Lift the top panel up and out so the side wiring is extended.
  • Lift both side panels of the crate to 90 degrees.
  • Flip the crate so that it is on its side (facing upward) and align the inter-locking panels from the side panels to the top panel.
  • Align the inter-locking panels on the sides to the top panel and press in place.
  • Latch the locks by extending the lock downward, then up to lift the lock into place. (If the bottom part does not latch, repeat the previous two steps.)
  • To ensure the latch and lock is fastened, lightly pull up on the lock.
  • Fasten the latches on the left and right back sides of the cage.

If this is your pet's first time using a crate, try encouraging your pet by placing treats inside the crate. Keep the door open to allow your pet to sniff around and become comfortable with it.

Size & Color
How to Purchase the Right Size Crate for Your Dog or Cat:
  • Your pet should be able to stand and fully turn around in the crate. (The Large dog crate is ideal for pets measuring 27 inches tall.)
  • Pick a size that your pet will fit into when fully grown.
  • If you like to take your pet with you to visit friends and family, a crate that easily folds down and has a compact design is ideal.
27"L x 18"W x 21"H
36"L x 24"W x 27"H
42"L x 28"W x 28"H
Customer Reviews
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