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Deluxe Large Dog Ramp

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Product Info
What is Deluxe Large Dog Ramp?

The Tri-Fold Ramp is a portable, compact ramp for pets who may need assistance getting into vehicles or other challenging areas, comfortably. Even though this ramp can benefit any pet, it is especially helpful for those who have recently undergone surgery, are overweight, need joint relief, or are elderly or sick. It has a skid-resistant emery board-like surface and non-slip rubber grippers at the bottom to ensure safe, steady footing. In addition, for vehicle use, it comes with a nylon security strap that clips to the inside of your vehicle's floor latch for added safety. The Tri-Fold Dog Ramp folds easily and becomes compact for easy transportation and storage, so you can take it wherever you and your pet go. The Tri-Fold Ramp can be used without compromising your pet's safety due to its wider width and full-length capabilities.


Dogs and Cats

  • Portable, Easy-to-use pet ramp for all pets, especially elderly or sick pets, those with joint issues, or those needing help getting into hard to reach places
  • Unlike other ramps, it has a wider width, making it easier for large pets
  • Nonskid surface and bottom rubber grippers for steady footing
  • Folds easily and latches together for easy storage and transportation
  • Built-in gripper handle for trouble-free carrying
  • Great to use for taller vehicles due to its long length, allowing for lower incline
  • Includes nylon strap to attach to vehicle's floor latch for added safety
  • Holds up to 200 pounds
  • Easy and safe for your pet to use
  • For outdoor use only
How it Works:

The Tri-Fold Dog Ramp works for:

  • Pets who have recently undergone surgery or are traveling to and from vet appointments and cannot climb into a car or up stairs.
  • Pets who need to take stress off their joints, such as those diagnosed with arthritis or degenerative joint disease.
  • Overweight or sick pets who have a hard time getting into high, hard to reach places.
  • Elderly pets who are not as flexible and agile as they used to be.

For SUVs: Open your trunk, unfold ramp, place top ridge of ramp on the bottom floor, secure with strap by clipping it onto the floor latch. Once your pet is on-board, fold ramp up, latch it together and place in trunk.

For Vans: Open side door, unfold ramp, place top ridge of ramp onto the side floorboard, and clip secure strap onto floorboard latch (if available). Once your pet is on-board, fold ramp back up, latch it together and place in trunk.


Use as a pet ramp ONLY! Do not use to load people or other objects. The maximum load is 200 lbs. when installed properly; exceeding the load limit may cause injury to the pet or pet owner. Never leave the ramp unattended or use the ramp while the vehicle is in motion. Do not leave your pet unattended. Do not use near an open or exposed flame. Failure to follow these warnings and the instructions could result in serious injury or death.

How to Use
Assembly Instructions:

The Deluxe Large Dog Ramp requires no assembly, just unfold the ramp and watch your pet effortlessly reach places he or she wasn't able to get to before.

  • Before use, be sure ramp has all its components (3 folding pieces already put together and pre-attached security strap).
  • Unfold ramp and place on firm surface with non-skid surface facing up.
  • Be sure the ramp is secure and all four corners are supported.
  • If used on the rear entrance of a van or SUV, attach the security strap to the floor door latch.

If your pet has never used a ramp before, place the ramp flat on the ground and allow your pet to walk across without it being raised. When your pet seems comfortable, raise the ramp to the desired location and allow your pet to walk onto it.

Size and Color
How to Purchase the Right Pet Ramp for Your Dog or Cat
  • The taller the area, the longer the ramp will need to be to reduce the incline for your pet.
  • Make sure your pet does not exceed the individual pet ramp weight limitations.
  • If you are taking a pet ramp along with you when you travel, make sure it is easy to carry, and stores easily.
Full Length
Recommended for:
70"L x 19.5"W x 4"H
Up to and including large pets or those in need of assistance
Product Weight:
25 lbs
Customer Reviews
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