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Cat Litter Box Cover and Cabinet

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What is Cat Litter Box Cover and Cabinet?

The Cat Litter Box Cover and Cabinet hides your cat's litter box messes while also providing you with an organizational piece of furniture. The Cat Litter Box Cover and Cabinet is large enough to fit most litter boxes, including extra large automatic boxes. Additional cat supplies (litter and scoop) can also be stored inside. The white paint finish complements most home decor Note: Product does not include litter box pan.



  • Hides cat litter boxes in an attractive white cabinet design
  • Fits most size litter boxes including extra large automatic litter boxes
  • Removable partition wall (inside cabinet) can be used to create a separate space for litter and other cat supplies
  • When assembling, the washroom entrance can be placed on either side
  • Minimal assembly required
How it Works:

The Cat Litter Box Cover and Cabinet is an attractive piece of furniture to hide your cat's litter box. This piece of furniture can also be used as an organizational space to store litter and other cat supplies.



How to Use
Please read all instructions before assembling.

Download the Cat Litter Box Cover and Cabinet Instructions

Directions (To set up):
  1. Insert 7 Locking bolt (J) and 6 Wooden Dowels (K) into Bottom Board (A2)
  2. Insert 4 Locking Bolts (J) into side panels (C1, C2) as shown below. (2 on each panel)
  3. Insert 4 Wooden Dowels (K) to connect Back Panel (B) to Side Panels C1, C2.
  4. With the help of another adult, carefully lower Back Panel B and sides C1 and C2 onto Bottom Board A2.
  5. Insert and tighten 11 Cams (I) being careful not to overturn. Apply 11 Covers (L) to installed Cams Only slight
  6. Insert 7 Locking Bolts (J) into Top Panel A1
  7. Insert 6 Wooden Dowels (K) into Top Panel (A1) and carefully lower onto assembled bench base. Insert 7 Cams (I) and tighten carefully. Place Covers (L) over installed Cams.
  8. Slide Divider (C3) into desired location.
  9. Attach Left Door (D1) and Right Door (D2) using 8 Screws (M) onto the pre drilled holes.


To clean panels, use clean water on a damp cloth.


Do not use or rest near an open or exposed flame.

Cat Litter Box Cover and Cabinet:
Recommended For:
External: 37.5" W x 21.25" L x 22.5" H
All cats
Door Opening/Hole: 7" W x 8" H
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